Electrical Panel Tools

corner-notching-tool Corner Notching Tool is used for cutting the sheet at the corners, for perfect alignment during bending operation for sheet thickness up to 3mm.Range varies from : 100 mm & 150 mm length
 Tre-Panning Cutters
TRPANNING CUTTER Tre-Panning Cutters are used for making holes in sheet metal. These cutters are especially useful to make holes after the installation of panel boards at the site. The Hole thus produced are neat and burr free.

Specification :

Range varies from Hole Diameter : 20.0 mm to 64 mm
Square : 71mm, 91mm, 36×46 mm

Hydraulic 92 sq Tre-Panning cutter notching tools
Hydraulic 92 SQ Trepanning cutter Hydraulic 92 sq Tre-Panning cutter is used for making the square hole for a sheet thickness up to 3mm.This tool can be used after installation of panel board at site.The Holes thus produced are neat and burr free.


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