Special Purpose Machines


Horizontal Balling Press for herbal products.

This hydraulically operated manual Press to compact Herbal or Agricultural Products to facilitate easy and cost effective transportation. The materials are loaded in the bay provided and closed. The hydraulic ram will compact the materials in the front enclosure and on opening the side door the compressed materials will be ejected by a hydraulic ram provide for this purpose.

The Hydraulic power pack is operated by twin pumps for Low pressure and High pressure, i.e, when the pressure is low a gear pump will operate with speed and when the high pressure is required a plunger pump will take over and give the maximum pressure with low speed.

The sturdy Body frame is made out of Mild Steel     plates with proper guide to the ram movement. The main hydraulic cylinder is hosed in the center of the body.

The Hydraulic cylinders are of high quality with imported high performance seals which gives a long life.


Manual Toggle Press o.5 ton capacity

The manually operated Toggle Press is an absolutely essential equipment for Electrical and Electronic Industries manufacturing small components and transformers.
The machine capacity is 0.5 tons and in that load it can punch, bend, emboss, notch and cut as required. The tool can be mounted on the ram for which a locating bore is provided. The ram stroke length is 23 mm and the whole assembly of ram can be moved up and down to adjust the tool to the required position by turning a screw on the top.
The Body is made out of Grade 20 Cast Iron, the Ram is made out of Nickel Chrome steel hardened and ground to close tolerances to slide in the cast iron body to give high performance accuracy and life.
The Table, Ram guides and the Guides in the main body are all ground to close tolerances.


Hydraulic Press for 2mts rubber ring molding.

Another SPM we made to a customer who wants cost effective machine to press and mold a 2.5 meter dia rubber ring with flexible press position.



Automatic Pin cutting machine with variable length.

This a machine specially made for a customer who wanted to cut wires from a length of 8.0mm to 20 mm. The length also should be continually variable.

We designed the machine such that, the machine runs mechanically without any electronic controls and achieved the set parameters. This machine was made in the year 1994 and till today is running without any problem.

 Pneumatic Pressing machine

Pneumatic Pressing Machine

This machine is to press any component with a load of 1.5 tons and fully pneumatic.


8mts length automatic wire cutting machine with HMI.

This is a SPM made to customer’s requirement.

The Machine can cut two wires of up to 8.0mts length simultaneously. The length of wire to be cut can be varied by just modifying the length in the Human Machine Interface control (HMI). The machine is controlled by PLC control. The linear movement by servo controlled motors and cycloid gear boxes. The cutting tools and pullers are all operated by pneumatic cylinders.


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